Our world today is divided into various borders and boundaries; human beings have created them over the many centuries to hold a better control and restriction over the population. Without our own accord or personal choice, we are born in different parts of the world thus determining from the day of our birth till our death -our title, nationality, religion and etc.

Humans are verified by identity documents provided by the government or the passport we hold to travel to various destinations. We are categorized, divided and restricted through that legalized piece of paper, which evidently proofs who we are, our day and country of birth. Passport- An evidence of the nationality you hold locally and internationally.

Every year thousands of Iranians flock to the UK legally and illegally to seek asylum based on various reasons. They seek for a new life and recognition apart from where they hail from and fight to shed their identity they have never chosen from in the beginning and move on to assimilate into a foreign one. Iranian asylum seekers are due to being ardent advocates of democracy, exposure to lack of press freedom, gender inequality, religious differences, homosexuality and etc.

However discarding the evidence of your birth origin and assimilating into another foreign identity could be an uncertain decision, when you are stuck into cross roads belonging neither here nor there. This project explores the predicament of Iranian exiles, who are uncertain of their past nor their future.

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