Shadows of Combat

The creation of the prototype followed a period of deep research into how PTSD has affected various sections of society, requiring sensitivity and empathy in understanding of a sufferers' relationship with PTSD. A collaborative approach ensured that each stage of the design process was centred around the experience the prototype would communicate.

VR prototype project - exploring PTSD through immersive story telling.


Series of hand printed photographs, using leaves to present relationships and memories, creating a link between subjects' and their locale.

Working with a medium that most had not previously encountered required specialist research, engaging at a deeper level to understand subjects' emotional attachment to the Black Country. By creating this work, subjects were not only able to see their sentiments represented, but also to reflect on themselves with a new perspective.

Shahre Farang

An intimate and nostalgic presentation of uniquely significant photographs based on subjects' memories.

Using a self-built traditional Iranian 'peep box' camera, this project relied heavily on engaging exiled communities in the UK. A key focus of the work is in determining and understanding the communities sentiments, in order to capture photos of important places to each subject. Global collaboration with an international group of photographers was an integral element of producing the work, translating subjects' feedback into a tangible component of the overall end product.


Kamra e faoree

Hand-tinted photography portrait series of Portland residents in personally significant locations.

Using a self-built Afghan Camera Box / kamra-e-faoree, this project created space for subjects to connect with their surroundings at a relaxed pace. The output of this were hand coloured, timeless images that demonstrate subjects memories, thoughts, and relations to a physical space - resulting in works that viewers are greater able to empathise with.

Key Collaborators: B - Side Festival, Art Council England, 

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Stamp to Elsewhere

Creation of a unique representation of underrepresented demographics through a novel use of vertical screen printing.

In creating this work, an iterative research process was utilised - initially this was to identify and locate groups of "stateless" diaspora. The work presents the experience of displacement and forced resettlement through the creation of stamps for a fictional country which symbolises home. Producing the work deployed a unique and complex method, which required multi-agency collaboration, and in-depth stakeholder and relationship management.

Key Collaborators:
Leicester Print Workshop, Journeys Festival, Art Council England, BBC Radio Leicester.