Over the last ten years, I have created public engagement projects for institutions and organisations, using photography to tell stories and to engage communities in my process. More recently, I started experimenting with different materials, mediums, and technologies, evolving my approaches to interactive storytelling and designing immersive experiences, creating work that engages the audience in new ways.

I have worked with some of the leading arts organisations in the UK, including Tate Modern, Turner Contemporary, Platforma, Counterpoints Arts, B-Side Festival, Journeys Festival, and Format Festival over the last decade.

I am available for creative consultancy, mentorship, and teaching. Based in London, UK.


2021 Traces, Living Memory Project, The New Art Gallery Walsall.

2019 Portrait of a city, Leicester collaborative work with Sibomana.

2019 Stamps to Elsewhere, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK.

2019 Stamps to Elsewhere, Journeys Festival, Leicester, UK.

2018 Stamps to Elsewhere, Look up Project, Journeys Festival, Leicester, UK.

2018 Kamre – e – Faoree, B-Side Festival, Dorset. St George’s church.

2018 Afghan Camera, Tate Modern, London, UK.

2018  Shahre Farang, Circulation Festival, Paris, France.     

2017  Shahre Farang, Format Festival ”Habitat”, Small Print Company, Derby.   

2017  Shahre Farang, Journey Festival International, Leicester.

2017  Shahre Farang, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester.  

2017 Shahre Farang and Uncertain, Outpost, Portland.

2017 Shahre Farang, Poole Museum.

2017 Shahre Farang, Dorchester Market, Weymouth.

2017 Shahre Farang, Bridport Market,Weymouth.

2017 Shahre Farang and uncertain, Bournemouth University.

2015  Uncertain, TATE Britain, Digital Sharing event and exhibition.

2015  Uncertain . Format International Festival Derby.

2013  Four Corners Gallery, Matt Roberts Arts Project space, London, UK.

2013  31º LCC MA Photojournalism Final Show, university of arts, London.

2013  SU Gallery, University of Arts, London.

Education :

University of Arts London , MA Documentary photography and photojournalism 2013.


Arts Council :

2021 – 2022 Arts Council England, Research and development, Augmented reality and virtual reality.

2018 – 2019 Arts Council England, Research and development, PTSD .

2017 – 2018 Arts Council England, Stamp to Elsewhere.

2016 – 2017 Arts Council England, Shahre Farang.


Commissions :

2019 Meet You Neighbour Installationation, Derby Theater. 

2019 Traces, Living Memory Project. 

2019 PTSD Invisible Wounds ( R&D Art Council England ) 

2018 Kamera e Faoree, B- Side Festival 2018. 

2018 ArtReach and Leicester Print Workshop for Journeys Festival International Leicester funded by Art Council England.

2017 Shahre Farang (Memories of Home) Art Council England.