Early Work



Harar – considered “the fourth holy city” of Islam – was built between the 13th and 16th centuries. In 2003 UNESCO awarded the City of Peace Prize to Harar, a small city of 99,000 people, also known as the “City of Saints.” It is an ancient centre of Muslim learning where a grand mosque, an Orthodox church, and a Catholic church all sit at the centre of the walled city.


series of handmade prints on locally sourced leaves that I collected throughout the autumn and winter. Leaves are a symbol of growth but at the same time fragile and perishable like our memories.

Kamra e faoree

Series of hand tinted photographic portraits of Portland residents taken in places that have a special connection for them – those new to the island as well as those from a longer lineage.  Created using his self-built Afghan Camera Box/kamra-e-faoree, this traditional method of photography creates space for subjects to connect slowly with their surroundings, sharing memories, thoughts and exploring relationships to place and what it means to be from somewhere. Portraits are hand coloured, adding to the timeless quality of the image.

Shahre farang